LISTEN: Artists Respond To Politics
Bronx Arts Space February 27 - April 6, 2019

Statement by curator Deborah Yasinsky

Gina Randazzo documents demonstrations and rallies, capturing the spirit of protesters through intense and colorful photographs. Her powerful vision depicts the strength and determination of the figures in the protest. In USA 2017- Randazzo creates a projection of 30 images chosen as representative of the themes explored in this exhibition. The volume of demonstrations and the diverse subject matter speaks to these troubling times. A call to action is contained in this frenzy of activity - through the physicality of human gathering and sentiments expressed with text and images in signage. Often handmade, these signs express anguish, dissent and disgust through humor and irony. Meme-like, these are tomes of our times and are deftly captured by Randazzo in all their hilarity, angst and brevity.


USA 2017- LISTEN: Artists Respond To Politics at Bronx Arts Space