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The Roar Within at Riverfront Art Gallery

The Roar Within at Riverfront Art Gallery
Riverfront Art Gallery
The Roar Within
March 5, 2020 - August 30, 2020
Curated by Haifa Bint-Kadi

Sexism has never rendered women powerless. It has either suppressed their strength or exploited it." - Bell Hooks 

Featured Artists:
Laurie Berenhaus, Mia de Bethune, Diane Brawersky, Beth DeWit, Julia Eisen-Lester,
Patti Ettinger, Shelley Haven, Deborah Holcombe, Amanda loco, Barbara King,
Mary McFerran, Lisa Miller, Alex Momin, Teresa Pereira, Gina Randazzo, Brenda Ricketts, Lisa Samalin, Pat Slaven, Jennifer Moore Smith, Melissa Starke, Patricia Stuart,
Tamara Wyndham, Jane Zalben

Riverfront Art Gallery
One Larkin Center
Yonkers, NY 10701

Fe *Mail* Art 2020 Postcard Exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery

Fe *Mail* Art 2020 Postcard Exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery
"Thank You Letter To Christine Blasey Ford 10/2/18" at A.I.R. Gallery's Fe *Mail* Art 2020 Postcard Exhibition
February 14 - March 15, 2020
Opening Reception: February 14, 2020, 6-8pm

A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to present Fe *Mail* Art 2020: Postcard Exhibition. This year, the postcard show, in response to the Mail Art movement of the 1970s, centered on the theme of personal and political messaging through the mailed art object. Pioneering correspondence artists such as Anna Banana, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Pauline Smith, and Irene Dogmatic, found freedom from censorship in this network, using it to marshall and gather non-normative sub-cultures around identity, politics, and punk.
This exhibition intends to celebrate the history of mail art and call attention to its relevance today, when means of corresponding have proliferated so dramatically and when the physical post has become almost exclusively a means of circulating commodity culture through advertisement and delivery.
Each original work is sold for $45 and all proceeds benefit A.I.R. Gallery programs.
Participating Artists: 
Amy Vensel, Andrea Bass, AndrePace, Ann Schaumburger, Anna Elise Anderson, Anna Petronella, Arlene Finger, B. QUINN, Babara King, Bonnie McLoughlin Stiegler, Brian Legan, Brianna Wilson, Brienna R Kane, Caitlin McCormack, Candida Rodriguezcara Smelter, Caroline Rosoff, Catherine Lucky Chang, Cathy Leavitt, Celeste Fichter, Christina Freeman, Christina Graham, Cole Serrano, Colleen Sweeney Gahrmann, Cory Emma Siegler, Cynthia Jasmin, Dana Burns, Danielle Friedman, Daphné Boussion, darkreconstruction, Debra Wright, Dennis Carroll, Ebru Eltemur, Elfi Schuselka & FD. Capobianco, Elise P. Church, Elise P. Church, Ellen (Jing) Xu, Ellen Weider, Emily Burns, Emily Castronuovo, Emily Gillcrist, Emily Taylor Rogers, Fiona Chinkan, Flora Georgiou, Gina Randazzo, Hande Sever, Hannah Kerin, Hugo Houayek, Ignacio Soto-Aguilar Herrera, Ilona Pachler, Inmmezzure, Irene Dogmatic, James Gillen, Janette Maxey, Janna Dyk, Jennifer Kosharek, Jenny LaMacchia Campbell, Jolanda de Ridder, Joo Yeon Woo, Jule Korneffel, Kathleen Stark, Keeley Haftner, Kelly Snyder, Krista Booth, Kristen Chiu, Kristina Schmidt, Kylie Gellatly, Laura Brooks, Lauren Simkin Berke, Leah Francis-Wright, Lester Guijarro, Liliana Livneh, Lindsay Parker, Linnette Vázquez Polanco, Lique Schoot, Lisa Cooperman, Lydia Rubio, Maria Ylvisaker, Marijn Bril, Mario Loprete, Martha Maynard, Maxine Hernryson, Maya Inamura, Melissa Lohman-Wild, Melody Jean Moulton, Mia Berg, Mike E Schmee, Milanka Bunard, Miss Chloe L Wilkinson, Mitsuko Brooks, Modelab, Monica Velez, Morgan O'hara, Mrs Alison Wheeler, Ms Diana G Frey, Ms Jenny Wells, Ms. Lea Wülferth, Ms. Mel Watkin, Ms.Kathleen Dobrowsky, Nahida Ahad, Natalie Capannelli, Natasha Shapiro, Noelle Choy, Olenka Macassi, Olivia Hemingway, Oscar Moya Villanueva, Patricia Erbelding, Paul LeRoy Gehres, Rafaelina Tineo, Rebecca Arp, Riitta Ikonen, Rocky Pincus, Rosemary Gallick, Sadia Fakih, Sam Skrimpz, Sandye Renz, Sarah Corsiatto, Sarah May Taylor, Sarbani Ghosh, Selma Kozak, Sepideh Farzam, Shuheng Fu, Sir Dica, Skye Taniai, Stefani Byrd, Stephanie Echeveste, Stephanie Garner, Suki Valentine, Susanne Kessler, Tanya Kaiser, Tomoko Abe, Wilton Rao, Yen Yen Chou, Yvonne Vignes.
A.I.R. Gallery
155 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
H: Wed-Sun, 12-6pm

Urban Suburban at Radius Gallery

Urban Suburban at Radius Gallery
Radius: The Gallery at Arc Stages presents Urban Suburban

Randy Matusow
Gina Randazzo
Chris Rivera

Curated by Amy Harter & Stuart Vance

Opening Reception Saturday, February 22, 6pm-8pm
The photography exhibition, Urban Suburban, showcases the works of several local artists, including Gina Randazzo, Chris Rivera and Randy Matusow, and opens Saturday, February 22, 2020 at Radius Gallery in Pleasantville, NY.  Radius Gallery is a non-profit, artist run exhibition space dedicated to supporting the creative, curatorial, and commercial endeavors of local artists. Our intention is to encourage active public engagement with the visual arts by presenting high-quality, innovative, and thought provoking exhibitions that spark conversation and inspiration. 
The exhibit examines how life in suburban Westchester is captured by three artists based on their own perspective[s].